Please buy RCGF engines from RCGF authorized distributors ,so that you can protect your own warranty right and get good after sale services for your engine. 

1, How to recognize RCGF engines ?(It’s specially for RCGF engines sold outside China)
There is a unique serial no printed in warranty card with each RCGF engine which buy from our authorized distributors.

2,If the engine which you buy don’t have RCGF warranty card,serial no ,the engine may be the ones which RCGF factory supply to China local market or OEM engines. Please contact with the person or company which sell the engine to you,and ask them to offer service. Or you can contact with our china service center and offer the photo of your engine to us. After we confirm it’s our engine, we will offer paid warranty service to you. For the engines we supplied to China local market are only with free local warranty service, the free warranty will not covered to abroad. We don’t offer Free International Warranty Service for our engines.  

3, Where can I get after service besides from RCGF authorized distributors ? 
 If there are some problems which distributor can't handle it ,or distributor can't offer you satisfied service ,please don't worry. You can get after service from our factory.  Please do not forget to offer the unique serial no of that engine to factory, when you need the service from us.

4,What’s the difference between RCGF brand engines sell in China and outside China ?
There is no difference between RCGF brand engines supply China and outside China. The only difference is the warranty service.   RCGF brand engines supply China can get service in RCGF China Service Center. And RCGF brand engines supply outside China can get service in local distributors.  RCGF brand engines supply USA and Canada can get service in RCGF USA Service center. There is no International Warranty Servce for RCGF engines. 

5,Which Oil should I use?
Some oils available in suitable for running in include Castrol 2T, Mobil 2T, Penzoil Air Cooled 2 Stroke. 
Synthetic oils suitable for use after run-in include Castrol TTS, Belray HR1, Red-Line 2 Stroke Racing Oil.There are many types available that are suitable, always use a good quality brand name oil, both for run in and normal running.Motorcycle shops are a good source for quality oils. Remember your engine will spend most of time somewhere between 2000 - 5000rpm so castor based motorcycle/go cart racing oils designed for very high rpm should not be used.Never mix different brands of oils together.
6,Starting the engine should be relatively simple. 
1). Ignition OFF  2. Choke ON  3. Throttle OPEN wide 
4). Flip the prop until you see fuel coming into the carb OR you hear it gurgling in the carb 
5). Flip several more times. 6. Close throttle  7. Open throttle slightly (less than 1/4) 
8). Choke OFF  9. Ignition On  10. Flip prop to start. 11. It is assumed your plane is well secured!!
9), Warranty service guide:

Warranty Service for RCGF engines bought outside China
(1), If your RCGF engine is in the warranty period , and you have the original warranty card with our serial no ,please contact with our authorized local distributor or dealer or where you bought the RCGF engine . It’s the quickest and most economic way for you . 
Consumers from Canada or USA who bought RCGF engines from RCGF authorized dealers or distributors in USA or Canada, can get service in RCGF USA service center. 
(2),  Engines without serial no , warranty card or out of warranty period are not included in our free warranty service . You have to pay for the service if you want repair of the products from us or our distributors. 
(3),If you want service from factory ,please fill in the “Service Request Form” and send it to us. You can find the Service Request Form in DOWNLOAD. 
If you can’t download the form or there is any problem of the form ,please send email to let us know ,then we will send the form to you by email .

Warranty Service for RCGF engines bought in China( including Taiwan and Hongkong) 
(1), If you’re from China and need service for your RCGF engine, please contact with our china service center(factory). We’ll try our best to help you. 
(2), If you’re from outside of China ,and need service for your RCGF engine. You can also contact our china service center(factory). But we can only offer billable service for you.  For we don’t offer Free International Warranty Service for our engines. Or you can contact the local authorized dealers or distributors, they will offer the billable service for you.






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