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                                  RCGF Stinger engines vs. Old RCGF engines


Hello RCGF Friends and Family,

As most of you know, we at RCGF have been updating our entire engine line for almost two 

years now. 

The new Stinger engine model is growing quickly. But recently we have had customers 

ask us about the difference between RCGF Stinger engines and the older RCGF engines 

that are popping up in both the US and China markets. 

Because of these inquires we felt that it was important to share this information with the rest of you

Frist, we have redesigned everything about the New Stinger Engine. 

We have made all new molds for these engines. 

Unlike in years past, we now have complete control over the Stinger engine 

build from the mold, to parts production, to the completed engine. 

Quality is our first order to produce the best product we can for our customers. 

We're using a more robust metallurgy for our engine casting 

and a much stronger forged crank system with a higher quality bearing system to provide 

more power per cc, plus an all-around better looking engine.

Sadly there are still thousands of our old rejected engine parts floating around in China. 

There are still people in China that are trying to ride our shirt tails by scabbing together 

engines from those old junk parts and sell them from China into the US market place. 

Because of the complete lack of quality control in the phony RCGF engines, 

you stand a greater risk of getting a bad one and there are no spare parts to fix it 

when you need them. Because of all the bad press 

we were receiving, going all the way back to 2007, we made the hard decision to change our 

RCGF brand name to the Stinger brand name to distance our company from all the junk that was starting to show up in the market place.

Please be aware that the VVRC RCGF engines are not our engines. 

They are made from those old parts we have been talking about and 

they are trying to mislead the customer.

As always you will get our 2-year warrantee on workmanship and materials for 

your Stinger engine and we have the spare parts and Service Center to back it up. 

All of our New RCGF Stinger engines will be packaged with the Stinger logo on the box.


Our operation manual and warranty card 


To make sure you are getting the real deal please email us at rcgfservice@zjrcgf.com  or 

rcgfsale@zjrcgf.com We have a group of authorized resellers working very hard to serve you..






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