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NEW FLASH!!       Our New Direction!!

Hello RCGF Engine Friends and Family. This is your RCGF Engine design and marketing team. As some of you may be aware our RCGF Engine brand will be celebrating its 12th birthday this year.

Over the past 12 years we have offered more hobby engine sizes than any of our competition to better supply our customers with that perfect engine size.

Because of our aging engine molds, we have been forced to make a decision.

Do we invest in making new molds of our older model engines or do we invest in new more innovative engine models? Being our aging engines have been pushed as far as possible to make the best power, this decision could not be taken lightly.

We are here to tell you, our engineering and marketing teams have all voted. We have unanimously come to the decision to take our engine brand in a whole

“New Direction”!

Our “New Direction” is to move away from the old and out dated. We want to move our engine line into the future with all New Designs 

These New Designed engines will put RCGF back on top with fresh innovations to bring our engine family a much higher quality, more powerful line up!

From our much-loved 10cc purposes built gas engine to our big powerful 120cc twin engine, we are bringing them into the future to deliver our customers a power plant for the 21st century modeler.

Some of our older 18 engines sizes will be retired to make room at the table for some new rear exhaust engines as well as new sizes singles and twins too!

We are so excited to announce we will be re-branding these new engine designs in order to make sure that you are getting the “real deal” and not some cheep, poorly made knock off! Our “New Series” name is “Stinger Engines” by RCGF.  The  “Stinger Engines” are with stronger material . They’re more stable, more precise and more powerful .  

To verify your engines whether produced by ZHEJIANG RCGF MODEL CO.,LTD .  Please type in the serial no of your engine in our website : www.rcgfservice.com , then you will find the information there .

Thank you,


Joe & Pam  ,  Catherine ( ZHENG XUAN )




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